Calls of "Encore" and "More" at HwylNos at Llanelly House

Calls of "Encore" and "More" at HwylNos at Llanelly House

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17 SEPTEMBER 2018 15:30

The fifty guests at our latest HwylNos event were treated to a lovely night of 'sophisticated fun' at the historic Llanelly House in Llanelli. 

As they arrived, the guests from near and far (some from Australia!) were honoured to be welcomed to the beautiful Georgian town house by Elizabeth Brigetta - daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Elizabeth Stepney - and her husband, Joseph Gulston... (Well, maybe they were some lovely people in costumes but sshhh, don't tell!)

After being entertained by the beautiful sounds of the harp being played by up and coming, young musician,  Lucy Jones - guests made their way up the grand staircase to take their seats in the Tea Room on the first floor.  Here they enjoyed a tasty 3-course meal showcasing Welsh ingredients and dishes, whilst being entertained by our wonderful performers, Carl Gough and Catrin Ann between the courses.

Carl transported his captivated audience back to the days of King Arthur and his hunt across South Wales for the monster boar, the Twrch Trwyth, one of the most well known of the collection of legends called the 'Mabinogion'.  'Oohs' and 'ahhhs' filled the room during this tale of love, magic and battle - and also a few 'ughhhs' as the audience opted for the true ending to the tale, rather than the 'Disney ending'!

Next, Catrin Ann performed a variety of Welsh songs in front of the fireplace - including one of the most famous traditional songs, 'Myfanwy', the beautiful 'Anfonaf Angel' and the more contemporary "Chwarae'n Troi'n Chwerw".  At the end of her mesmerising performance, she was greeted with cheers of "encore" and "more", leading to the treat of one extra song.

...And the night still wasn't over!  After a chance to explore some of the rooms in Llanelly House, guests made their way downstairs to 'The Best Parlour' to enjoy a more informal ending to the evening - with music and singalong songs from the very entertaining folk group, Madog. 

There was lots of toe tapping, clapping and singing to songs such as 'Lawr ar Lan y Mor', 'Hymns and Arias', 'Calon Lan' - and even one named 'There's no Lentils in Cawl'!  The band - and the audience could have sang away into the night, but the evening had to be brought to a close (after a few extra songs!) with the singing of the Welsh National Anthem and everyone made their way home after a night of great food and entertainment in a truly lovely venue.

Our next HwylNos event is at the Plough Rhosmaen on Friday 12th October and tickets are now on sale - you can find out more here  



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